Hey Lovelies,

My teeth have always been the one feature of my face that I’m particularly pedantic about; when I was younger they were awful and despite the idea that braces are “cute” and “trendy” they were not so trendy on me. But all of that being said, the braces are gone now and I actually like me teeth… now don’t double take at your screen, I did just praise one of my own features and dare show a little self love. It’s a technique I’ve been practicing and dare I say it feels good.

However, just because I like my teeth doesn’t mean I’m 100% happy with them all the time, and looking back at photos from Rome one thing stood out to me; these gnashes were grossly yellow and I hated it.


Now I’ve tried bleaching in the past and it wasn’t for me. My mouth is sensitive and the stinging that came with dental bleaching caused more harm that in did good in my case. I’m not saying it won’t work for you loves, but if you’ve got sensitive teeth then I wouldn’t rush to spend £200+ on something that will likely cause you pain! But luckily for us sensitive mouthed babes, there is another alternative out there in the form of Celebrity Smile toothpaste. It is something I used religiously last summer and after pondering those Rome pics, I decided it was time to get my shit together and order some more. It also then occurred to me that I’ve never told you gorgeous lot about it, so here goes.

The idea with this toothpaste is that you brush you teeth with your normal toothpaste (for little old me, that’s Sensodyne) and then you give those peggies a brush with Celeb Smile. Whereas you rinse your mouth after using regular toothpaste, you leave the foamy goodness in your mouth after using Celeb smile. Simples.

When I first started using celeb smile this time around, I was a number 5 on the whitening scale (so not as grossly yellow as I had anticipated) and after using it for about 3 weeks I was down to somewhere in-between a 2/3. I should note that last summer when I was using this, I had cut fizzy drinks and coffee out of my diet completely, whereas this time I was drinking them in moderation, and I would say they impacted my results but not on an enormous scale. Plus, last summer (shown below on the left) I was totally tanned which only makes your teeth look whiter!

I am extremely impressed with this product. I personally don’t suffer from any sensitivity when using this, and it’s such an easy thing to factor to incorporate into your daily routine; if my lazy ass can keep it up, then I’m sure you can too! I’m also not the only person in my family to use this, as my uber glam mum loves it just as much as me.

As for the price point of this product, one bottle costs £19 (from the official Celeb Smile website) and whilst this may sound extortionate for a toothpaste, I don’t think it’s unreasonable. The price includes postage, and you’re getting a product that does the exact same job as dental bleaching at a fraction of the price and more importantly for a fraction of the effort that bleaching requires. I can honestly say that this is a product which I will continue to re- purchase and use. I ain’t about that yellow teeth life, and if you’re not either, I recommend getting on this snazzy bandwagon!

xo xo