Lip Sense Review

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If you follow me on insta you will have seen on my story a few weeks ago that I had a little chit chat about an amazing lipstick from Long Lasting Lips by Lip Sense, and today I want to go into a bit more detail and tell you all about it!

I was very kindly sent this product by Sarah and Annie who are LipSense distributors, and  it’s a liquid lipstick which claims to be smudge proof, kiss proof, water proof, moisturising and of course long lasting, so I put it through the paces and let’s just say, I’m extremely impressed.

I opted for the colour “Plum” which is a beautiful purple shade, but the colour range of this product is insane and so there is definitely something for everyone. In terms of application, there are specific instructions that come with this product; it is best applied to clean dry lips, with three thin coats applied letting each one dry in between and not sweeping the product back and forth. There is also a moisturising gloss available which is to be applied once the final layer is dry and used to re-vamp the lipstick throughout the day; the actual lipstick is not meant to be applied but the gloss is! This may sound like a long application process and that’s because it is, but it’s definitely worth it for the fact that you don’t have to re-apply throughout the day!

Swatch of the colour after applying three layers

The only thing I didn’t do when wearing this lipstick is kiss, but I can confirm that eating and drinking has no impact; this stuff stays put! It does tingle slightly upon initial application but this is also something that is talked about in the instructions, which tell that LipSense contains a special cosmetic grade alcohol which kills bacteria. The lipstick also works as an exfoliator however I suffer with eczema on my lips meaning I am unable to wear lipstick everyday and so I didn’t feel the long terms effects of this!

As for the removal process, their is a special remover available however I used coconut oil (a process which was also documented on my social media) which was effective in removing the product although it did take a while! However the fact that this was somewhat difficult to remove is only a testament to how amazing and long wearing this lipstick is!

Overall I would highly recommend this product and I definitely want to add more shades to my collection- they have some beaut nude shades that are calling my name! If you’re into lispticks like me, you have to check out these products, I’ll be shocked if you don’t love them! If you want to shop these products, you can do so right here!

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Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples.