Me and my hair are not pals. And by this I mean I wish I could Style my hair but my talents involve blasting it dry and straightening it (curls if I’m feeling adventurous)… I just don’t get hair the way I get makeup.

However I do get the appeal of trying product which make something challenging a bit easier, Neäl & Wolf do just that. I recently followed the step by step instructions to create the Awaken Look from their summer inn logo collection and I gotta say, it was easy af.

The steps are simple and my hair felt amazing afterwards. These hair products are beautifully scented, the quality of them feels amazing and the packaging is to die for.

Moreover I feel like these could all be easily incorporated into my daily routine, even if not all together but just as separate products that I will enjoy using.

I also love the fact that the instructions include options for when you’re fully committed (using a wand) and when you kinda want to put effort in but not too much (plaits and a straightener!). Not only that but these options accommodate people with different tools so you don’t need to go crazy shopping to achieve the look.

Overall I’m very impressed and would definitely recommend, especially if you’re not a hair gal but wish you were like me!

Thanks for reading

Alex xo xo