Liverpool is a city which is undoubtedly known for its love of fashion, beauty and undeniably unique style, and on the 7th, 8th and 9th of July what was formerly known as The Clothes Show stormed the city which I am proud to call my own, combining Liverpool’s own eclectic style with a range of recognisable faces and designers from across the world. The British Style Collective was a city wide event and ya girl was lucky enough to be invited, so sit back and grab a cuppa, because between this monstrous blog post and accompanying vlog, I’ve got three days worth of fun and fashion to share with you.

This event took place in St. Georges Hall (SGH) , the Echo Arena, the Exhibition Centre, the Baltic Quarter and the Docks, so there’s no denying that there was a lot to see. SGH was home to couture fashion shows and panel talks with he lovely Antonia O’brien. In The Exhibition Centre was the go to place for more low- key chats with stars such as Andrew Collinge and experts from Pixi Beauty, as well as being the go-to place to shop. The Echo Arena was home to he Alcatel Fashion show, and the Docks/ Baltic quarter were home to smaller fashion shows and workshops.

I am a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t manage to get loads of footage for my vlog of the event but in all honesty I was too busy enjoying the weekend, catching up with the LIV Bloggers and just generally having a ball to think too much about filming.

For me, the best parts of the weekend were listening to the panel talks in SGH. Hearing top tips and stories from inspirational women such as Alex Steinherr and Jo Elvin, business chats with Jamie Laing and a truly moving talk from Gary James McQueen about his late uncle (the great Alexander McQueen) gave me a wave of motivation. Their passion for what they do is infectious.

And of course it was amazing to hear from fellow bloggers on these talks, representing the blogging community and sharing their top tips. Special shoutout to the ever stylish Abi from Blush and Noise– your fellow LIV bloggers are proud of ya girlie!

On the other side of the city was the Exhibition Centre, which I thoroughly enjoyed strolling around, shopping (RIP my bank account) and hearing smaller more low- key chats with beauty experts from the likes of PIXI, Nanshy and Andrew Collinge. I also made the most of the chance to get my hair done by the lovelies at Andrew Collinge which was a real treat.

There was so much to do that I didn’t experience what was happening in every corner of the city; I personally didn’t attend the Alcatel Fashion show because there was so much that captured my interest more, and I didn’t catch what was going on in the Baltic Quarter. But I think that what’s so great about this event is that you can choose exactly what you want to see, without any pressure, because there truly is something for everyone.

I also felt extremely proud that this immense event took place in my city. The UK is filled with amazing places but it was amazing to know that the BSC wanted Liverpool and all of its most beautiful locations across the city. I can only hope that the people who travelled from different parts of the country (or different parts of the world!) saw Liverpool for the amazing city that it is.

Overall I had a fab weekend and I wouldn’t change any of it… being surrounded by likeminded and successful people was incredible and it made me realise what I want for my future and how much I want it. Cheesy I know, but sometimes it takes an event like this to give you the kick up the ass you need to work that little bit harder for what you want!

I can’t wait for the event to come back to Liverpool next year and I hope that others feel the same. If you attended, please leave me a little comment to let me know what you thought because I would love to hear if you enjoyed it! But for now, I want to give a huge shoutout to all of the BSC team for a boss weekend- see you all next year!

TYSM for reading

Alex xo xo