Hey Lovelies

A few weeks ago I attended an event with Instant Beauty Fix in The Clubhouse L1 -which FYI, is a stunning venue with a boss menu. If you didn’t know, Instant Beauty Fix is an online shopping destination for all things beauty, but it’s not quite your conventional beauty website; they stock items from the UK, America and Australia and including skincare, makeup and insane beauty tools.


I’ll admit that when I first heard that Instant Beauty Fix was another online beauty retailer I was a tad skeptical, because there are already so many out there and a lot of them stock the same products at competitive prices, not brining much newness and “wow” factor to the table. But having learnt about the brand I now realise that they are the beauty retailers that are brining something new to the table with the products they stock.

My personal favourite is the little tool shown below from Makeup Box LDN. As you can see in the photo it slides onto the back of your hand to be used as a palette for mixing foundation, holding eyeliner, mixing liquid lipstick- it’s an incredibly innovative multi-use product which saves you from walking around with makeup stains on the back of your hand all day.

They also stock some amazing lip products including a non- surgical lip plumper (which I am in the middle of trying, so keep your eyes peeled!) and the insanely sparkly glitter lips. I have tried glitter lips in the past and they’re some of the best lip products in the collection as they provide a way to jazz up your makeup with minimal effort (and yes, you can totally wear them on a daily basis. I’ve worn it to work in the past!)



There are so many products from Instant Beauty Fix which I’m in the process and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you, but I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found a new fave shopping place for my more quirky product needs!


I had an incredible time at the event and I can’t thank the lovely Ruth enough for inviting me. I also have to mention The Clubhouse again… if you know me, you already know that it’s one of my favourite places to eat and drink in Liverpool and it provided the perfect- and oh so instagrammable- venue for a bloggers event!


Thank you so much for reading


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