First Impressions: Quest Personal Care

You all know that as much as I’m a makeup obsessive, I love me some skincare goodies! And the lovelies at Quest Personal Care UK (QPC) sent me some products which have only fed my desire for skincare, so naturally I’m here to share my first impressions thoughts with you! All of the products (excluding the face mask) are Argan Oil based which was an instant positive in my opinion, I love love love Argan Oil!

The first product is an Eye Contour Elixir. Eye cream is such an important skincare step in my opinion, regardless of your age, because the skin around the eye is so sensitive meaning it’s essential to take care of it. In the short time that I have been using this product the area around my eyes feels softer and brighter. The formula is light and soaks in easily, and I find it is best to apply this product of an evening, after your moisturiser.


Next is the Cell Regeneration Hand & Nail Cream- Serum. Now we all know that I’m a sucker for a good hand cream (hands are one of the first places to show signs of ageing, and ya gal don’t want that). In a similar formula to the eye cream, this product soaks in in a timely fashion and leaves your hands feeling super smooth. The one thing I will say is that I can’t speak of any benefits this product may provide for your nails because I constantly wear acrylics!

The No Problem Black Mask is a peel off mask with Activated Carbon (kind of like those really painful looking masks you see on Insta all the time). I personally have only used this on my nose- where I am most prone to blackheads) and although I couldn’t see any evidence of it pulling the rubbish out of my face, the skin on my nose did feel softer and look visibly cleaner after using this mask. It is slightly painful when pulling it off but it did pull off in 2 pieces and wasn’t flaking everywhere which was a huge bonus.

Finally is the The Cell Regeneration body cream, and the product I was most hesitant to try as sometimes new body products disagree with my skin and cause my eczema to kick off. However, this fast became my favourite product in the range and also a staple in my skincare collection. The formula is lightweight and as with the other products it soaks in quickly which is perfect for if you’re in a rush. Since I’ve started using this product my skin has been so much softer and tends to retain the moisture more throughout the day.

Overall I am a huge fan of all of these products but I would recommend the body cream the most out of the goodies that I have tried! Thanks so much for reading



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