Calling all Students for Woodlands Glam Squad!

Hey Lovelies,

Today’s post is a little different as I want to tell you about a new opportunity for Liverpool Students in association with Woodlands Spa. You may remember I visited Woodlands Baltic Triangle a few months ago for a FAB facial, and now Woodlands is looking for social media savvy students to join their Glam Squad.

This opportunity entails a trip to Woodlands HQ where you’ll receive tips & tricks for  how to optimise your social media, plus you’ll receive a discount code to share with your fellow students. And the best bit? Every time your code gets used, you earn commission which can be used for free beauty treatments at Woodlands… so essentially, you’re being paid in facials and manicures, and that’s something this stressed out student can definitely deal with!

Above is a photo with all of the key details, including who to contact if you’d like to get involved, but I want to break a couple of those points down for you, because I know that I had some questions when I first heard about it and I’m sure you’ll be wondering the same.

You have total control of which social media channels you use to promote your code, and how often you promote it. The lovelies at Woodlands will provide training which shares knowledge on how they use social media to promote their brand (giving you the chance to pick up some incredible tips and tricks) in addition to providing images you can use- but you don’t have to!

I also wondered about the “flexible working hours” point- life as a student can be pretty hectic and Woodlands know this, so all this means is that how often you promote your code and how you promote it is totally up to you- whether it be a post on Facebook, a full blogpost or some tweets, so long as you’re promoting it doesn’t matter how you’re doing it!

Finally, it mentions above that you have to be a Liverpool based student, and as most of you know I study in Manchester. That being said, if you’re a student with a Liverpool audience but don’t necessarily go to uni in Liverpool, I would definitely still e-mail and enquire about this amazing opportunity!

Thanks for reading,

Alex xo xo


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