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Hey Lovelies,

So June is here and that means 1 thing for  sons & daughters across the UK… Father’s day is fast approaching and it’a time to get shopping (if you didn’t know, father’s day is on the 18th June this year, so go go go!). It’s a day for celebrating your dad, arguably the most important man in your life, and this year I’ve been challenged by The Car People to tell all of you about my favourite car journey with my dad. So buckle up (see what I did there) and enjoy the ride (Alex, stop) because this journey includes some questionable music choices and a whole lotta laughs.

Funnily enough this journey was a recent one. I had an afternoon exam in uni (in Manchester) but in the same afternoon/ evening my dad had bought tickets to Aintree Races (in Liverpool, where we live) meaning I was going to be majorly pressed for time if I had to get the train. So being a top lad my dad offered to take me to Manchester and bring me home, sorted. Except it became one of those “most hast, less speed” kind of situations on the way home; I was late getting out of the exam, the traffic was bad because of an accident, roadworks were slowing down the motorway. For most people, this would have been catastrophic. But we have this tradition of listening to Steve Wright in The Afternoon (a radio show on BBC Radio 2, for those of you not hip enough to know that) and on this particular radio show, people get to submit a playlist of songs they love and steve picks a different playlist each day to play. It’s boss, especially if like me and my dad you have… interesting music taste (by interesting, I mean old…)

Anyway, on this particular day the playlist was amazing. I’m talking you’ll never walk alone, David Bowie’s Heroes and I’m gonna be (500 miles) by the proclaimers. They were all the songs my dad loves and so all the songs I’ve grown up with. And in spite of the bad traffic, the rushing around and the general stresses of the day, we were belting out the lyrics and having a ball. I can only imagine what passers by were thinking of us, but we didn’t care and I love that. As you can see, both me and my dad have always been huge fans of Karaoke and it just goes to show that some things never change!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little post. It’s different to what I usually write about but I enjoyed sharing this memory with you all, and it’d be lovely if you could leave some of your fave memories with your dad in the comments down below! And if you want to check out more of this amazing campaign, you can have a nosey right Here

Thank you so much for reading,

Alex xo xo


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