My FAVE Tanning Mitt

Hey Lovelies,

Last year I told you all about the amazing Freshly Baked London Baby Powder Fake Tan and now FBL is back with another new product that I’m dying to tell you all about… especially those of you like me who are a bit, well, shit when it comes to tanning, this one goes out to you!

My biggest fear with fake tan is the application. Now I know what you’re probably thinking: how the fudge cakes have I ever managed to fake tan if the most essential part scares the shit out of me? Let’s just say there’s been a few tearful tan-sasters (can we make this a real word?), tights when tights were not required and just some downright hysterical #fails. Beauty Blender’s Body Blender did save my sorry pale ass last year, but I was still searching for that flawless method of application that I wasn’t quite getting. Cue FBL to the rescue with a super soft, totally blogger mint green tanning mitt designed to make becoming a bronzed goddess a little less “wahhhh” and a little more “woooo”.

The instructions are simple. Pump a few pumps of your fave (preferably FBL) tan onto the mitt, and use circular motions to blend it onto your skin. Leave the tan to develop, stick the mitt in the washing machine at 30 degrees, and leave it hanging to dry in the shade. Easy AF.

Now I’ll admit that the first time I used this I was still a bit skeptical (read: I was bricking it) but now I realise that I had nothing to worry about. The mitt is so soft on your skin, my tan went on flawlessly and even after washing the mitt maintained it’s softness. This is a product that excites me, because I know now that I can tan regularly without the worry of streaks flying about, and the mitt can be washed, dried and ready to use again in a day. At this point, I have used and washed my mitt 4 times and it has maintained its softness, the colour of the mitt hasn’t faded at all and my tan applies perfectly every time- even if I do say so myself!

So if you’re looking for a good tan applicator and don’t know where to start, I 100% recommend starting here. At the minute, FBL’s website is under construction but you can purchase their products from BooHoo and Pretty Little Thing. If you do try this or have tried it (or the tan itself!) please let me know what you think. And if you’ve got any top tanning tips, then I definitely want to hear them!

Thank you so much for reading,

Alex xo xo


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