Nutri Buddy

Nutri Buddy
Hey Lovelies!
SO a few weeks ago the lovely people over at Nutri Buddy sent me their 14 day weight loss programme to try, and today I want to tell you all about it!
The idea behind the programme was to have protein drinks as either a meal replacement or a snack, and it also came with appetite suppressants (which I can’t take for medical reasons) and vitamin supplements (which I sometimes forgot to take, oops)
Most of the time, I was having the drinks as a meal replacement in an attempt to get the most out of the programme, however there were a couple of days towards the end of the 2 weeks when hunger got the better of me and I had my three proper meals plus the drink as a snack.
Now I’m not quite brave enough to post my before and after photos, but I hope that you lot trust me enough to believe me when I say that I did feel so much better and a lot more slender during this two weeks. Most of the time the drinks were extremely filling and I didn’t want to eat a meal alongside them, and the added nutrition from the drinks meant that I did feel much more energetic.
However, as great as I felt, I do have one small criticism of this programme and if you follow me on snapchat then you already know what’s coming … I didn’t enjoy drinking the drinks.
I was given the option of two flavours, and having given up chocolate I opted for Vanilla. When it first arrived it smelt delicious and I was excited to try it. The instructions said that the powder could be mixed with water or milk and as I don’t like milk I used water. Perhaps it would have been better with milk, however I found the drink to be overly sweet and not necessarily in the best way and so generally I used to just down the drink in one through a straw.
Don’t get me wrong, that is just my preference. I was never a huge fan of milkshakes or watery drinks but if they do float your boat then the likelihood is that you’ll love this programme and want to carry it on for longer than 14 days! Another thing to note is that I have a fair amount of powder left over so you definitely get more than you pay for!
Overall I really enjoyed trying the programme, and I hope some of you are inspired to try it for yourself- be sure to let me know if you do!
Thank you so much for reading,

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