Spectrum Collections Eye Makeup Brushes

Spectrum Collections Eye Makeup Brushes

Hey lovelies!

A little while ago the dolls over at Spectrum Collections sent me their 8 Piece Eye Blending Set to try out and review, and now that I’ve spent a good few weeks glamming up my eyes with them, I’m ready to tell you all about them!

Eye brushes are something that I’m usually a bit skeptical of, because my eyes are so sensitive and so if the bristles are even a bit rough/ scratchy, I can have a terrible reaction to it. However I can honestly say that I have never blessed my eyes with anything as soft as these beautiful brushes.

As mentioned above, the set comes with 8 brushes so instead of talking about them as a whole I’m going to chat about them all separately because these can be purchased individually as well as part of a set! The only thing I will say that applies to all of these brushes is that they wash and dry beautifully, retaining their shape and softness.


A08 Medium Fluffy Shader Brush: This brush is definitely one of my favourites in the set. I don’t use this as a shader brush, but instead I use it to apply highlighter to my brow bone and down the bridge of my nose! The fluffiness means that you can deposit the perfect amount of product onto these areas without it looking cakey (because there’s nothing worse than a caked up brow bone, in my opinion!) Another bonus, this brush will only cost you £4.99 when bought alone!

C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush: My favourite thing about this brush is it’s tapered shape. For my eyes, It’s the perfect size and shape for adding transition shades to the eyes, and for blending together shadow to avoid any harsh lines. Once again the bristles are beautifully soft and to buy this brush individually it would cost £6.99 which is so reasonable for a brush that, to me, is essential to any kit.

B06 Tall Tapered Blender Brush: Without a doubt, this is the softest blending brush I have ever owned. It doesn’t work so well with darker eyeshadows for me because I don’t feel like I have as much control, but for softer glam and everyday looks this is perfect! I’m delighted that it’s part of this set but if you did want to buy it individually, it will only set you back a sweet £4.99- how fab is that!

B04 Small Angled Blender: I hate using the word basic, but believe me when I say I mean this in the best possible way: this brush basically does what it says on the tin! The size and shape of it make it perfect for smoking out the outer corner, and for only £4.99 when bought individually, this is a great addition to any kit!

A07 Colour Applicator: I tried this brush to apply colour to my lids and although it did a good job, I prefer a smaller brush for this as I feel it gives me more control. Personally I use this brush to blend out concealer under my brow bone and when cleaning up around my lips. I haven’t found any other brush/ blender that does this job as well as this brush does, so if you also struggle with this I highly recommend this beauty! As with all of the others, this is super reasonably priced at £4.99

A12 Fluffy Pencil Brush: Looking for the perfect brush to smoke out your lower lash line? You got it, right here. The size and shape are perfect and at £4.99, I don’t really have anything else to say. Ah- mazing.

A13 Short Smudge Brush: As well as being a perfect smudge brush for along the lower lash line, the short and densely packed bristles on this brush also make it perfect for applying shadow right into the inner corner of the lid. I use this brush on a daily basis so much so that I’m contemplating getting another one! It’s definitely one of my most used brushes and for £3.99 the price is beyond reasonable.

A16 Precision Crease Brush: This is, without a doubt, my favourite brush ever. I will be honest and say that I have never used this in my crease, but by telling you about this, I am sharing one of my best beauty tips! As most of you probably know, I am a little bit obsessed with Glitter Eyes and I always have people asking me what I use to apply my pressed glitters without getting them all over my face. This is it. The thin, flat bristles allow for some serious control when applying glitter but they’re not too small to slow the process of getting ready down! If you only buy one brush from this collection, I would highly recommend it be this one, especially at a low price of only £3.99

As a set, these brushes cost £29.99 and so if you want all of them it does work out cheaper to buy the set. However they’re so reasonably priced to buy individually that if you only wanted a few of them, they still work out at amazing value for money.

I realise that something I haven’t mentioned up until this point is the appearance of these brushes. Aside from being amazing quality, it’s pretty much a given that any brush you purchase from Spectrum will be the prettiest thing you’ve ever laid your eyes upon! These give me total mermaid vibes, they’re SO instagrammable and they add a touch of prettiness to my dressing table that no other brushes do.

I think it’s pretty obvious but I definitely love these brushes. I’ve been trying them out for a couple of weeks yet and I honestly can’t find fault with them. If you’re looking for new brushes, I highly recommend these and if you do buy some/ already have some, be sure to let me know what you think of them!

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