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The fab team at LINZICLIP kindly sent me some of their Linziclip hair clamps to review and today I wanted to share my thoughts with you all!

Linziclip is a newer model of the traditional “claw clamp” that most of us probably use to keep our hair out of the way during the day, or to section off layers of our hair when drying/ straightening it (that’s what I use it for anyway!)

The new design makes the clamp more wearable for everyday as it hides the normally exposed springs and can be bought with a decorative pattern, making it more of an accessory as opposed to just a useful hair tool!

I received the Midi Linziclip which is supposed to be the right size for long, thick hair and although this is much better than a usual claw clip when drying/ straightening my hair, it isn’t strong enough to hold all of my hair off my face… When your hair is stronger than a super strong hair clamp, you know you’re on the struggle bus!

Other than the fact that my hair is too big for it, I have no complaints with this product! The patterns are so pretty, it’s a lot more durable that traditional claw clips that I have owned in the past and it’s super reasonably priced, from as little as £3.50 on Amazon.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new hair clamp, I would highly recommend trying a Linziclip, and if you do try one, be sure to let me know what you think!

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