‘This Works’ Event at Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nichols

‘This Works’ Event at Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nichols

Hey Lovelies!

So if you follow me on Social, you probably know that yesterday I went to an amazing event with This Works in Liverpool’s Beauty Bazaar by Harvey Nichols! It was a fab experience so I want to tell you all about it- including how you could maybe try their Sleep Pod!
If you don’t know about This Works, they’re a skincare/ cosmetics company that specialises in creating products which aim to help you get a better night sleep, and to feel more energised in the morning. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that skincare is so important to me but I often discredit how essential sleep is when it comes to having great skin, so I’m supper excited to try some This Works products; I’m always trying to improve my skincare routine!

The Sleep Pod basically does what you’d expect it to do, creating a quiet space where you can have power nap during the day. I think this is such an amazing idea and if you are in or around Liverpool this week, you have to go to the Beauty Bazaar and try it! It’s on the second floor (conveniently close to the WOW bar, where they do the best afternoon tea!) and it’s going to be in store until Saturday 28th May so do not miss your chance to try it out and speak to the experts about what This Works products will be best for you!

As far as products go, I was lucky enough to receive an amazing goody bag containing Sleep Plus Dream Body Night Cream, Sleep Plus Hair Elixir and Sleep Plus Pillow Spray (shown below). I used the Hair Elixir and Pillow Spray last night and so far I LOVE them! I’ve struggled with my sleep for so long and I had the best sleep last night that I’ve had for a long time. That being said if (when!) you go into the Beauty Bazaar you have to get the Pillow Spray!

I also bought some more This Works products while I was in store (I couldn’t resist…) including Skin Deep Golden Elixir and their Sleep Balm (which is already a favourite!) and already I could literally talk about these products all day so I’m going to be doing first impressions reviews spread over a few blog posts!

I cannot thank the lovely ladies at the Beauty Bazaar enough for inviting me to yesterday’s event. I got to take a guest with me so I took my lil’ mum (she’s my biggest fan ?) and we were both treated to an afternoon of luxury! I really hope that lots of you lovelies get to go in and try the Sleep Pod before it leaves Liverpool and if you do treat yourself to some This Works goodies please tag me in your photos, and use the hashtags #sleeppluschallenge and #thelipsticklady  to let me know what you get!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and, as always, thank you so much for reading




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