Dr. PAWPAW Balms

Dr. PAWPAW Balms

Hey Lovelies!

Today I want to talk about these amazing Dr. Pawpaw multi use balms! I have the clear Balm, in addition to the Red and the Peach- Pink so I’m going to talk through how I use them and my thoughts on them!

The clear balm is the most versatile product, as it can be used on your face, lips, cuticles and hair whereas the tinted balms are more aimed at cosmetic use as opposed to skincare. All of the balms have a really thick, creamy, non greasy texture and they absorb beautifully into the skin.

Primarily, I use the clear balm on my lips and it adds a lot of moisture in addition to locking in moisture overnight. I also use this on my face in the evening if I have any particularly dry patches, and it does leave my skin feeling super soft! However, my favourite use for this Balm is to smother my eyebrows with it before bed- it leaves them feeling so soft and thick, I love it!

On the packaging, it says that you can use the tinted balms as a blush or a lip colour. I haven’t tried them as blush shades yet, mainly because I have been more into using more bronzey blushers at the minute.

However I have used these as lip colours, both alone and on top of other matte colours to add a glossy finish and they look amazing. You all know that I love a good matte lip but with this cold weather you can’t go wrong with a little bit of added moisture!
I have the 25ml tubes in all 3 shades and these retail for £6.95 (Dr. Pawpaw online) which is amazing value for money considering the quality of the product. Overall, I am obsessed with these balms, and I really hope that they release more colours (maybe we could have a Lipstick Lady Balm!?)

I hope you have enjoyed reading, be sure to let me know what you think if you’ve tried any of these balms!

Thank you so much for reading


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