Colour Series: Browns

Colour Series: Browns

Hey Lovelies!

I am obsessed with Browns at the minute and I have tonnes of brown products so I decided that this can be the next instalment in my colour series!

Starting with the brows/ eyes, I have to jump right in with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown. When I first purchased this product I had no idea where to begin with it but now I can’t leave the house without it! You only need a small amount of product and I just use an angled brush to define and fill in my brows. This product stays in place all day, which is good because can you imagine having to top up your brows throughout the day?! But be weary because if you make a mistake, it can be a little difficult to correct! I purchased my Dipbrow in Florida last year but you can access it in the UK on Beauty Bay. The price is £15 but it’s so worth it in my opinion.

Sticking with ABH, I love the shade “Hot Chocolate” from the Self Made Eyeshadow Palette! It’s such a pretty red-toned brown shade that I use almost everyday for my crease colour. I think I love it so much because it can be worn on a daily basis but the colour is so buildable and can also be used with a more dramatic look!

Another eyeshadow is from the NARS “And God created the woman” eyeshadow palette, but they don’t have names on the back so I’m not sure what it’s called! This is a lot darker and more grey- toned than the ABH shade so it’s perfect for a more dramatic look! As always with NARS, this is a super pigmented shadow and you don’t need a lot of it to get colour pay off so start off small and build on it if you want/ need to! (Photo in order of mention!)

Moving on to the face, I’m not going to talk about any contouring products here because I’m going to be doing a separate post all about my fave highlighting/ contouring products! So the only thing I want to talk about is NARS Laguna Bronzer. I absolutely love this and recently have been using it in place of blusher because I find that it gives my skin a really healthy look! You can get this for £27.50 on the NARS website so it is a little pricey, but it’s 100% worth it! They do have a range of shades too so if Laguna isn’t the right shade for you, fear not!

The first brown lipstick I want to talk about is “Chocolate Wasted” by Dose Of Colors ? It’s an amazing pure brown shade that doesn’t have any red or grey undertones. I haven’t used Dose of Colors before but I have to say, this may be the best liquid lipstick formula I have ever used! I did have to re-apply in the centre after eating but other than that this colour stayed in place all day. It was so comfortable on my lips and it didn’t dry out at all! For £14.50, this lipstick is unbelieveable value for money!

Next is my Kylie Lip Kit in “True Brown K”. I am obsessed with this colour, the liner and the lipstick and I have done a full review of it (link at the bottom!) but basically it’s a beautiful red- toned brown, the formula is super soft and it is really long wearing!

My obsession with brown lipsticks continues with NYX “Teddy” from their Lip Lingerie Collection. This is more of a grey- toned brown and so if you’re new to brown lipsticks this is definitely a good starting point because it’s not as bold as the other two! I love the formula with this product- it’s super creamy and applies in an even layer, and you do not need a lot of it. I did have to touch up the centre of my lips after eating but that’s not uncommon for any lipstick so I don’t mind! The only thing I will say is that after wearing it for about 4 hours my lips did feel a little dry so be weary of that if you’re wearing this to a party/ event etc. As with all NYX Products this is super affordable at £6.50 ( and overall I do think it’s great value for money! (Top- Bottom in order of mention)

I’m sorry that this post has been so long, but I hope you have enjoyed reading! Don’t forget to check out my Kylie Lip Kit review and I’ll have my contour/ highlight faves up in the next couple of days!

Thank you so much for reading, and be sure to let me know your fave brown products!




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